The world is the totality of the conditions of the possibility of experience. What is and what can be known are the same. Actions that expand or limit the possibilities of experience build the world. Only the act of building is real. The world in itself is a fabrication.

The world is an anthology of stories all told, retold, revised, redacted, restored, deleted and reinvented into infinity. The storytelling acts are sounds, gestures, and touches. Repetition transforms raw action into images, signs, symbols ritual and myth.

Each person tells a story with excerpts that cut across selections from the world’s anthology. A story that includes explicit references to coherent sets of other stories is what we call documentary. A story that refers to other stories by resemblance and implication is what we call fiction.

Art is a story making machine that does deliberately what everywhere everyone else does spontaneously. An artist knows that he or she is creating something extraordinary. He and she should know that what they are creating is part of something that can never be finished.

The fictional story unfolds according to the whim of the storyteller but touches reality as the narrative structure tracks by contiguity in space and time the rhythm and order of the fabricated world. Where the elements of the story fail to adhere, through the lapses in the diegesis and along the edges of discontinuous narrative surfaces are glimpses of the fabricated world.